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Startup Investing 101 - Level 1

2 Modules 10 Lessons Easy

About this course

An overview of exactly what equity crowdfunding is, and why every investor should consider adding startups as part of their investment portfolio.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 - Equity Crowdfunding 101 (34:50)

  1. What is equity crowdfunding? (14:27)
  2. Regulation Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act (12:16)
  3. Is Investing in Equity Crowdfunding Right for Me? (8:07)


Module 2 - Investing Fundamentals (61:41)

  1. Human Behavior, Investor Psychology, and Expert Advice (12:12)
  2. Asset Allocation, Diversification, and the Startup Asset Class (19:32)
  3. Internal Rate of Return, Exit Multiples, and Failure Rates (13:26)
  4. Modern Portfolio Theory (12:14)
  5. Level 1 Capstone Project - Your One-Page Startup Investment Plan (4:17)


By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • What is equity crowdfunding (focus on Reg CF)
  • Why investors would choose to invest in Reg CF
  • What the risks and potential returns are
  • How it fits into an overall investment portfolio
  • How money is made in private market investing
  • What the key investing concepts are to know before getting started
  • What the key traits of a successful investor are
  • How and where to get started

Course Structure

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4 Lessons

Module 1 - Equity Crowdfunding 101

What is equity crowdfunding? What are the differences between Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) and Regulation A (Reg A+)? How do the private markets differ from public markets? Who should consider investing in startups?

If you want to start learning about equity crowdfund investing, this is the place to start.

111 - What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Learn what equity crowdfunding is and why it is changing the way many investors invest.

112 - Regulation Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act

Learn about the risks and potential rewards of investing in startups via equity crowdfunding.

113 - Is Equity Crowdfunding Right for Me?

Figure out whether investing in crowdfunding is right for you, and if so, the first steps to take before investing.

Quiz - Lesson 1, Module 1

Take this Lesson 1, Module 1 quiz before and after viewing the Module 1 videos to assess your knowledge.

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6 Lessons

Module 2 - Investing Fundamentals

Review fundamental investing concepts prior to moving on to the more advanced equity crowdfunding investment courses.

Whether you already are familiar with concepts like diversification and asset allocation and terms like IRR and Exit Multiple, we will discuss each of these within the context of startups and equity crowdfunding. 

Each lesson will have you complete an incremental step in creating your startup investing plan. The Capstone Project at the end will then pull together all your new knowledge to complete the CrowdWise One-Page Startup Investment Plan.

121 – Human Behavior and Investor Psychology

Many of the best investors believe that the most important skill to possess in investing isn't your financial acumen or business knowledge, but having a deep grasp on human behavior and how emotions can impact decision-making.

122 – Asset Allocation and Diversification with Startups

Learn how startups can be part of an overall investment strategy, and whether it is better to place one big bet or many smaller bets on startups.

123 – Internal Rate of Return, Exit Multiples, and Failure Rates

Learn what the differences are between Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Exit Multiples, when to use each, and how to use them when planning your startup portfolio.

124 – Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Frontier

In 1952, Harry Markowitz developed Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), for which he awarded a Nobel Prize in Economics. Learn about MPT and how it applies to your investment portfolio.

125 – Level 1 Capstone Project – The One-Page Startup Investment Plan

Once you've completed all the Level 1 investor courses for equity crowdfunding, solidify your knowledge and put it to use by completing this Level 1 capstone project (~10 minutes).

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