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Startup Investing 101 - Level 2

2 Modules 11 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

In our Level 2 course for intermediate investors, we will dive into the world of early-stage investing. We look at the historical performance of angel investing and venture capital (VC) investing, and see which lessons translate to equity crowdfunding - as well as which lessons do not.

Module 1 - Early-Stage Investing - Intro, Risks and Returns (62:49)

  1. What is Early-Stage Investing? (13:10)
  2. Startup Failure Rates and the Risk-Reward Misconception (14:13)
  3. Early-Stage Investing Risks (18:40)
  4. Early-Stage Investing Returns (9:32)
  5. Swing for the Fences - Power Law Investing (20:14)

Module 2 - Early-Stage Investing - Who (Businesses), What (Deal Terms), and Where (Intermediaries) (70:29)

  1. Who - Types of Businesses in Equity Crowdfunding (21:38)
  2. What - Crowdfunding Securities, Deal Terms and Offerings (28:47)
  3. Where - Online Intermediaries and Websites (20:04)

Course Structure

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What is Early-Stage Investing? (211)

What is early-stage investing? Learn the differences between Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, and public market investing, types of exits, and other key concepts in early-stage investing.

Startup Failure Rates and the Risk-Return Misconception (212)

Is it true that 8 out of every 10 startups fail? If so, can investors who are looking to make money actually do so in early-stage investing?

Early-Stage Investing Risks (213)

Investing in early-stage startups has unique risks that differ from investing in public markets, such as stocks, bonds or real estate. What are the "Seven Deadly Risks" of Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) early-stage investing? How can investors mitigate some of these risks?

Early-Stage Investing Returns (214)

One of the biggest questions investors should be asking of Regulation Crowdfunding is - what returns (ROI) can I expect, for all the additional risk involved in early-stage investing? In this lesson, we look at historical public and private market returns and discuss what might be expected in Reg CF / Reg A+ investing.

Swing for the Fences – Power Law Investing (215)

One of the least understood, yet most important concepts in early-stage investing - the power law. Find out what it is and three ways you can implement it in your investments.

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The Who – Types of Businesses (221)

Four questions every investor should ask about a business before starting due diligence. They have to do with the founder's goals, the legal entity, capital efficiency, and the business model.

The What - Crowdfunding Securities, Deal Terms and Offerings (222)

The types of financial securities are offered via crowdfunding, the most common deal terms, and what investors should look out for.

The Where – Intermediaries, Funding Portals, and Where to Invest (223)

Intermediaries are the regulated entities that help prevent fraud and allow investors to invest in crowdfunding securities. Learn about the two types and what the differences are in top funding portals in 2019.

Quiz - Level 2, Module 2

Test your knowledge of the Level 2, Module 2 early-stage concepts in this comprehensive quiz.

Level 2 - Capstone Project

Before moving on to the Level 3 advanced investor courses, be sure to complete your Level 2 Capstone Project!

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