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Startup Investing 101 - Level 3

1 Module 6 Lessons Advanced

About this course

In our Level 3 advanced investor course, we look at all the skills needed to evaluate deals and make your first investment. We also cover some important topics and other considerations such as taxes, token offerings, and secondary markets.

Module 1 - Screening and Selecting Early-Stage Deals

  1. Creating Your Deal Funnel and Initial Screening Process (23:08)
  2. Due Diligence 101 (Part 1) - Overview (37:59)
  3. Due Diligence 101 (Part 2) - the 5T Framework and Checklist (15:35)
  4. Valuation (Part 1) - Overview (20:43)
  5. Valuation (Part 2) - Top 7 Methods for Valuing a Startup (33:35)

Module 2 - Other Important Reg CF Topics

  1. Tax Considerations
  2. Tokens
  3. Secondary Markets

Module 3 - Making your First Investment

  1. Putting it all together
  2. Resources and tools
  3. Refining your process

Course Structure

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Screening and Selecting Early-Stage Deals (311)

One often overlooked step in the crowdfunding investment process comes before Due Diligence, and that is doing your initial screen. Learn how to construct your deal funnel, why this initial screen is so important, and how to spot a "good" investment from six experts.

Due Diligence 101 (Part 1) – Overview (312)

What is due diligence? How much due diligence is sufficient? Why is it important? What due diligence resources are there for crowdfunding investors? 

Due Diligence 101 (Part 2) – the 5 T’s Framework and Checklist (313)

The #1 reason why startups fail (hint: it isn't what the data says), the 5T framework for screening crowdfunding deals (Team, Tech, TAM, Traction, Terms), and the one big question to ask in each of the 5T areas.

Valuation (Part 1) – Overview and the #1 Mistake for Investors to Avoid (314)

Valuation is an essential part of performing due diligence, and can often make or break a deal for angel investors and VCs. In Part 1, we'll discuss what is valuation, why it's important (is it?), and cover some basic terms such as pre-money, post-money, and more.

Valuation (Part 2) – The 7 Most Common Methods to Value a Startup (315)

Now that you know what valuation is and why it's important, learn how to value a startup. We'll cover the top 7 methods that founders and investors use for valuing early-stage companies.

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