Launch your crowdfunding campaign with confidence 

Founders hire me to get the expertise and feedback of someone who has invested in 80+ crowdfunded startups (with my own money) and screened hundreds of Reg CF and Reg A+ campaigns

It's a big leap to commit to launching an equity crowdfunding campaign for your business.

As a busy startup, I know how much you already have on your plate. Add to that the time (and cost) of legal fees, financial audits, funding portal fees and due diligence, and the marketing and PR to put your campaign page together, and it can seem like a true leap of faith just to get to the starting line, before you even know whether your raise will ultimately succeed.

The true measure of your campaign's success won't hinge on how well you prepared, how well you crafted your story, or anything else other than one thing - that is, how many investors you can convince to pull out their wallets and invest.

Expert Advice from an Active Crowdfunding Investor

As an investor in over 80+ startups through Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) and Regulation A+ (Reg A+) with my own money, I have seen that some startups really nail the investor campaign page, while others clearly miss the mark.

If you aren't able to "test the waters" in Reg CF, how do you know whether you have the right content to speak to investors, especially before going live on Day 1?

Expert Crowdfunding Campaign Feedback - Within a Startup's Budget

If your campaign goes well, you should attract hundreds, if not thousands, of potential investors and brand ambassadors.

That means thousands - perhaps even tens of thousands - of potential investors will look at your campaign page.

The implications of missing a single piece of information, a minor misunderstanding, or a piece of content that comes across in the wrong way could have a massive impact on the outcome of your raise.

Meet Brian Belley - Founder, Investor, and Educator at Crowdwise

While our primary focus at Crowdwise is on investor education, founders and early-stage crowdfunding startups have realized that they can leverage our expertise in looking at crowdfunding deals for their own benefit.

Founders and CEOs understand that hiring us can provide invaluable feedback that has ripple effects in terms of the impact on potential investors who look at your campaign page.

If our feedback can be the difference between just a single investor deciding to invest - or even write a bigger investment check - then we have accomplished our objective of adding value to your campaign.

And chances are that if one of your potential investors is impacted in a positive way, then many others will be, too.

Actionable Feedback from an Active Crowdfunding Investor

Don't get me wrong - funding portals, existing investors, and outside marketing and PR firms can be a huge asset to a successful campaign launch. However, when it comes down to a final review of the campaign material, doesn't it make the most sense to get feedback from an active crowdfunding investor? 

I've been requested by businesses raising on equity crowdfunding portals to review pitch decks, host 1-on-1 interviews, and review campaign pages.

Schedule a 15-minute FREE consultation with Brian - the Founder of Crowdwise - to see if we can help you achieve your campaign's fundraising goals.

I promise to provide feedback that is:

  • Actionable. Based on the investment criteria that I use to screen my own investments, and the same criteria I personally teach to other crowdfunding investors..
  • Timely. You have enough things on your plate. Let me take some of the load off your to-do list. I'll get the first feedback to you within one week of receiving the material for review.
  • Affordable. I know you and your startup are already stretched thin. I provide feedback at a cost that fits even a scrappy founder's and lean startup's budget.

I've looked at hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns and invested in over 80 of them with my own money. I know what motivates investors (and I teach it to them!).

Schedule a 15-minute FREE consultation call with Brian

Crowdfunding Campaign Consultation Pricing

Below are the current prices for clients looking for feedback on their crowdfunding campaign.

Looking for something else? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call to see how else I can help you achieve your campaign goals and bring your business to the next level.


Simple, fast and affordable investor pitch review



  • Review of either one pitch deck or one campaign page
  • $1,000+ off fees with partner portals*
  • Feedback based on the Crowdwise Investor Checklist
  • Experienced and actionable feedback
  • Reviewed by Brian Belley, investor in 80+ startups
  • 30-minute debrief call to review feedback

In-depth, thorough review and start-to-finish consulting



  • Everything in Basic
  • Limited Time Offer - pay in full only if and when you reach your minimum target!**
  • 30-minute investor video interview, recorded for sharing on social and/or campaign page
  • Deep Dive investor scorecard (Team, Traction, TAM, Tech, Terms)
  • Complete review of website, social media, and web presence
  • Multiple reviews of campaign materials
  • Marketing Strategy Call and Checklist
  • On-going email Q&A support

*Discounts of up to $1,000 (and sometimes more, based on fee percentages) may be available, depending on the Reg CF funding portal. Founders should NOT start a funding portal application prior to engaging with us if they want these discounts (i.e. only valid for new funding portal applicants).

**$297 initial deposit required up-front, and remaining balance only due if and when your crowdfunding campaign reaches its minimum funding goal.

RISK-FREE GUARANTEE - we don't get paid in full unless you meet your minimum goal!¹                       

For a limited time, purchase the Complete package, and you will only pay a deposit of $297 to start. Then, you only pay in full if and when your crowdfunding campaign achieves its minimum raise target.¹

Cash flow can be a major hurdle when starting out. With all the legal fees, PR and marketing costs, and other fees associated with launching an equity crowdfunding campaign, it leaves a massive hole to fill just to break even with your campaign.

We understand the courage it takes to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign. That's why when you purchase the Complete option, we only get paid in full if you get paid.

(1) Terms and Conditions apply. $297 initial deposit required up-front, and remaining balance only due if and when your crowdfunding campaign reaches its minimum funding goal.

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