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  • Amanda

    May 6, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Hello Brian and Thom. I came across this website today, and think it’s a really unique and special resource and community. I am really happy about this site, as I realized I had been receiving emails from “” for many months/years, and decided to read more into it today.

    I had wanted to get into investing in companies, and didn’t even realize “equity crowdfunding” was a real thing. I had heard of the hype of the JOBS act, but figured it was just a bunch of hype, and it ended with Kickstarter, Indiegogo and gofundme. (Not interesting to me, really). I am very heavily engaged in supporting entrepreneurs through organizing pitch competitions and mentorship programs, so really should have been aware of equity crowdfunding.

    Name: Amanda Gant
    Current Investments: Residential real estate in Washington, DC (currently 7 mortgages)
    Background: Running international startup bootcamps and programs. Currently organizing at the organization I work for, WRI – which benefits environmentally-forward startups in the developing world.
    Hobbies: Surfing (sadly only once a year); Himalayan hiking (hopefully soon I will establish a once a year habit of this, too); yoga, biking, travel, real estate investing. COVID go away so we can get back to our lives!!
    Goals on the site: Learn a little something. Probably actually start to invest in companies. A little at first, but maybe even more and more. It seems like it will definitely have to be small at first. I’m thinking $20 in 50 companies this first year (2020), then see if I get more liquidity. Real estate investment takes SO MUCH CASH. The reserves I need to keep present in order to do my next deal really bites down into my ability to invest in other areas.