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  • Scott

    June 28, 2020 at 1:05 am


    My name is Scott Hinkle and I got into the crowdfunding/angel investing ring about one year ago. It was actually another crowdfunding membership site (with well placed ads) that let me know the little guy can finally play the game.

    I joined that platform but quickly realized that they were more about getting signups and promoting their other offerings vs. providing reasonably vetted opportunities and real guidance to their membership. They are also very controlling, having to moderate every step of the communication process and really making it difficult to network.

    That’s when I created my own platform and started seeking out others as well. That’s how I found this platform.

    A summary about me:

    • Name: Scott Hinkle
    • Investor and Founder
    • Region: West Coast
    • Investments: 44+
    • Background/Expertise: IT – I started way back in the 90’s with an ISP, moved onto an MSP (Managed Services Provider), and am now in compliance (HIPAA, NIST, etc.). Photography – I’ve also had a 10-year stint of traveling the country, selling my photography at various art shows.
    • What I like to do in my free time: Sail – My general rule-of-thumb is to take at least one major vacation each year, if not two. Many times this results in me renting a monohull or catamaran for a week or two and hitting a tropical destination. SCUBA Diving – I love the water and being under water for long periods is both relaxing and invigorating. This is also why I usually go to some tropical destination. Drones – I love drones. Right now I have three and I don’t think I have enough, LOL. They’re just loads of fun. Crowdfunding/Angel Investing – Sure, we’re here to make money, but I actually find all of this fun and exciting. Hell, I love it so much that I created my own website about it and even became the Virtual Chapter Coordinator for one of the more well-know Angel Investing membership platforms.

    The funny thing is, all of these like-to-do’s fit into my ideal vacation: Sailing, anchoring somewhere and going diving, flying one of my drones to capture part of the experience (I can’t fly under water, yet), and catching up with the angel investing community to see what’s new.
    Sorry for downing on., Scott