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  • Casey

    December 10, 2021 at 10:18 pm

    Hey all! This site is great!

    Looking forward to learning from you all.
    Casey here.
    I’m not a professional investor, but I’ve learned most everything by doing. I cut my teeth on technology with a Java 1.1 book in 1998. Now I’m a full stack developer with really broad tech knowledge.

    I started investing via Robinhood when I bought two shares of Fitbit’s IPO and lost 50% of my money (only $40). Cheapest lesson I’ve learned because I’ve beaten the S&P 5 years in a row with lower beta.

    I’m an interventional radiologist by day and accredited investor as of Jan 2021.

    Tried to join a local angel group, but the management fees, carry rates, and annual membership fees were kind of a rip off. So, I made bets on Wefunder and Newchip instead. Funding disruptive innovation to spite them 🙂 Also have a small diversified Reg CF portfolio to test the waters as well.

    Who knows if I’ll do well in angel investing or not. If I can get a 10% IRR, meet cool people, fund new ideas, and learn something, I’ll call angel investing a major win. Anything more is icing on the cake.

    Region: Midwest
    Investments: Few Reg D, many Reg CF. 40 investments total
    Background: Physician, interventional radiologist, web developer, system administrator, amateur investor, public health, psychology
    Interests: Data analytics, automation technology, education
    Hobbies: rock climbing, poison dart frogs, SCUBA diving, travelling, occasional video games, learning, investing

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