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My whole reason for creating CrowdWise is that I feel that there is a huge gap today in quality and relevant educational material available to investors in equity crowdfunding. I want to provide better resources for all investors so that you can make better decisions in terms of whether equity crowdfund investing is even right for you, and if so, how to get started.

And don’t worry – if you still aren’t sure exactly what “equity crowdfunding” is, we’ll be jumping into that soon enough in more detail in the emails. I’ll send some follow-up emails in the coming days that will explain more about equity crowdfunding, what CrowdWise is, and much more.

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  • CrowdWise Academy – free investor courses covering the basics of diversification to the specifics of Regulation Crowdfunding investing
  • Investor Book Club – free investing book reviews and key takeaways for crowdfunding investors
  • Blog – educational and relevant content for investors in equity crowdfunding
  • Resources – calculators such as the IRR to Exit Multiple conversion, portfolio calculator, and Reg CF limit calculator