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CrowdWise Academy is a series of completely free mini-courses to help new investors in equity crowdfunding.

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Also called Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), equity crowdfunding is a new type of investment available to anyone - regardless of financial background - to invest in private market startups and businesses.

In this "Getting Started" series, we will cover:

  1. What is equity crowdfunding (Reg CF) investing
  2. Why investors should care
  3. What CrowdWise is
  4. Lesson Overview for Fast-Track Investor Series (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)
  5. How to sign up for FREE courses at CrowdWise Academy

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Startup Investing 101 - Level 1

An overview of exactly what equity crowdfunding is, and why every investor should consider adding startups as part of their investment portfolio.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 - Equity Crowdfunding 101 (34:50)

  1. What is equity crowdfunding? (14:27)
  2. Regulation Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act (12:16)
  3. Is Investing in Equity Crowdfunding Right for Me? (8:07)


Module 2 - Investing Fundamentals (61:41)

  1. Human Behavior, Investor Psychology, and Expert Advice (12:12)
  2. Asset Allocation, Diversification, and the Startup Asset Class (19:32)
  3. Internal Rate of Return, Exit Multiples, and Failure Rates (13:26)
  4. Modern Portfolio Theory (12:14)
  5. Level 1 Capstone Project - Your One-Page Startup Investment Plan (4:17)


By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • What is equity crowdfunding (focus on Reg CF)
  • Why investors would choose to invest in Reg CF
  • What the risks and potential returns are
  • How it fits into an overall investment portfolio
  • How money is made in private market investing
  • What the key investing concepts are to know before getting started
  • What the key traits of a successful investor are
  • How and where to get started

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Startup Investing 101 - Level 2

In our Level 2 course for intermediate investors, we will dive into the world of early-stage investing. We look at the historical performance of angel investing and venture capital (VC) investing, and see which lessons translate to equity crowdfunding - as well as which lessons do not.

Module 1 - Early-Stage Investing - Intro, Risks and Returns (62:49)

  1. What is Early-Stage Investing? (13:10)
  2. Startup Failure Rates and the Risk-Reward Misconception (14:13)
  3. Early-Stage Investing Risks (18:40)
  4. Early-Stage Investing Returns (9:32)
  5. Swing for the Fences - Power Law Investing (20:14)

Module 2 - Early-Stage Investing - Who (Businesses), What (Deal Terms), and Where (Intermediaries) (70:29)

  1. Who - Types of Businesses in Equity Crowdfunding (21:38)
  2. What - Crowdfunding Securities, Deal Terms and Offerings (28:47)
  3. Where - Online Intermediaries and Websites (20:04)

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Startup Investing 101 - Level 3

In our Level 3 advanced investor course, we look at all the skills needed to evaluate deals and make your first investment. We also cover some important topics and other considerations such as taxes, token offerings, and secondary markets.

Module 1 - Screening and Selecting Early-Stage Deals

  1. Creating Your Deal Funnel and Initial Screening Process (23:08)
  2. Due Diligence 101 (Part 1) - Overview (37:59)
  3. Due Diligence 101 (Part 2) - the 5T Framework and Checklist (15:35)
  4. Valuation (Part 1) - Overview (20:43)
  5. Valuation (Part 2) - Top 7 Methods for Valuing a Startup (33:35)

Module 2 - Other Important Reg CF Topics

  1. Tax Considerations
  2. Tokens
  3. Secondary Markets

Module 3 - Making your First Investment

  1. Putting it all together
  2. Resources and tools
  3. Refining your process

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Funding Portal Reviews

Review and overview of the top equity crowdfunding portals. Learn how they stack up in terms of investor deal flow, fees, due diligence, and more.

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