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Home Forums Startup Investors General – Investors Republic Announces the Note Profit-Sharing Token! Reply To: Republic Announces the Note Profit-Sharing Token!

  • Brian

    July 25, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Also, one comment on increasing the “cap” from $8M to $16M, since many investors seem to be complaining to Republic that they are essentially diluting the original investment value.

    According to the whitepaper, the maximum number of Notes that can ever be issued is 800M. However, they already planned to release these additional $8M in Note tokens at a later date. Thus, all they are doing is allowing more investors to pay $.12/Note on those tokens now, rather than wait a year or two until the offering is qualified and then issuing those tokens at a potentially higher price.

    It doesn’t change any of the tokenomics for the earlier investors in the first $8M.

    It is not diluting your tokens, since those were already part of the total 800M total Notes.

    It is simply allowing more investors to invest at the cheaper price now due to demand.