Thank You – Level 2 Investor

Thank You!

Thank you for letting us know that you have some prior investing experience, but are relatively new to equity crowdfunding!

I'm so excited that you've taken the first step to help you on your journey to learn more about investing in startups through equity crowdfunding.

Personally, investing for me over the past 10 years is what has allowed me to currently travel the world, as well as enabling so many other amazing opportunities in my life. And I see equity crowdfunding as being able to help me both diversify and boost my portfolio's earnings even more.

Since you have some prior investing experience but are just learning about equity crowdfunding, we'll be sure to tailor the content to help you get the most value. 

If at any point you feel that you're getting lost, not sure what to do next, or anything else in terms of feedback, be sure to email us at This will help us keep the content as relevant and useful as possible for all our subscribers.

Resources for additional learning

We'll be sending some follow-up emails in the coming days to help you get started. In the meantime, a few of the investment resources that have helped me along my journey are shared below.

Disclaimer: the below book links are an Amazon Associates links, meaning I receive a small commission - at no additional cost to you - if you purchase through that link. That enables me to continue providing value to you! Full details can be found on our disclaimers page.

  • The Richest Man in Babylon (book) - a very easy read that seems like more of a story than a finance book. However, the lessons taught about investing and making your money work for you will stick with you and are a great introduction to the power of investing.
  • The Intelligent Asset Allocator (book) - hands down my favorite book for introducing the concept of asset allocation in building your initial investment portfolio.
  • Antifragile (book) - this book has completely changed my perspective and how I look at risk, not only in investing, but across many areas of life from careers, to relationships, and more. It's definitely more of an advanced read, but getting into topics such as the author's barbell strategy for investing and optionality are keys to succeeding in high-risk, highly random, and high potential reward areas like startup investing.
  • Mr. Money Mustache - a blog about living frugally. He stresses that before you even start investing, you need to ensure that you have your debt and expenses under control. 
  • Mad Fientist - from retirement plan hacking, mega-backdoor Roth strategies, tax-gain and tax-loss harvesting, and some more advanced (and new) investment strategies, I have turned to Mad Fientist. All his articles are data-driven, which is something I'll be looking to do with CrowdWise.

Thank you once again, and I'm looking forward to helping you get started in equity crowdfund investing. Together, through investing in startups, I truly believe we can build a brighter future for both your finances and the future of our world.


Brian from CrowdWise