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What is Equity Crowdfunding?

In May 2016, a new type of asset class opened up in the USA to everyday investors like you and me for the first time since 1934. Now, all investors, regardless of income, have the ability to invest in early-stage startups through something called equity crowdfunding.

Compared to rewards-based crowdfunding companies - such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo - equity crowdfunding differs in that you own a piece of the company (i.e. equity), sharing in the successes and failures. 

Why invest in startups?

Diversify Your Portfolio

As an asset class, startups provide an alternative outside of public market stocks or bonds. With minimum investment limits as low as $10 per company, investors can spread their risk among many startups

High Risk, High  Potential Reward

While many startups will fail to return any money to investors, the few that succeed can provide massive returns. These unicorns ($1 billion+ companies) in the industry are part of the reason that taking all the risk can be worth it.

Support Founders Near and Far

Interested in owning a piece of a local brewery? Or perhaps taking part in a high-growth startup's success? Both (and more) are possible with Reg CF, as companies that raise funds on approved funding portals are available to all investors.

Ready to learn how to invest in your first (or tenth) startup?

What is CrowdWise?


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