Quiz – Investing Fundamentals

After completing the Investing Fundamentals section, take this quiz to check your knowledge before moving on to the capstone project and Level 2 courses.

Quiz – Equity Crowdfunding 101

Check your knowledge and see if you can pass the equity crowdfunding 101 quiz before moving on to the next section. Good luck!

Republic – Platform Walkthrough

Last video we gave an overview of the Republic crowdfunding platform for investors and founders, and compared it with the other funding portals on fees,…

Republic – Review

Republic is different from other funding portals, such as WeFunder and StartEngine, because they DO have additional due diligence and deal curation. This means that…

StartEngine – Review

StartEngine is the number two equity crowdfunding platform in terms of capital raised, both since 2016 and in 2019 (behind WeFunder). Whether you are a…