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What are Direct Public Offerings (DPOs)?

Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) are when an issuing company sells financial securities directly to investors, vs. using a third party or intermediary. We discuss the different types of DPOs and clarify terminology to help investors and startup founders better understand what a DPO is.

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State Tax Credits for Startup Investors and Angels

While there are numerous federal tax credits for startup investors, additional tax benefits may exist at the state level for qualifying angel investors.

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Intrastate Crowdfunding and Blue Sky Laws

What is Intrastate Crowdfunding and what are Blue Sky Laws? We compare them to Regulation Crowdfunding and break down the pros and cons for investors and founders.

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LLC vs C Corporation Investments – Tax Implications of Business Type

A very important but often overlooked aspect of investing in the private markets is how the type of business – LLC vs. C Corporation – can impact taxes. We discuss some of the tax considerations that investors should be aware of when investing in each business entity.

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