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2019 Equity Crowdfunding Year in Review Data

2019 US Equity Crowdfunding Stats – Year in Review

As we ring in the new year, it’s worth reflecting on the equity crowdfunding market and some of the key milestones that were achieved in 2019, and what 2020 may bring for investors and startups.

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Principles by Ray Dalio – Book Summary and Key Lessons

In his book Principles, Ray Dalio shares his life and work principles. We read the book and break out the key lessons for investors in this summary, including how to apply these lessons to Reg CF investing.

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Jason Calacanis Angel Book Cover

Angel by Jason Calacanis – Book Review and Key Lessons

For our first monthly investment book review, we dive into Jason Calacanis’ book “Angel: How to Invest in Tech Startups”. Find out what some of the key lessons and takeaways are for equity crowdfunding investors.

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What Financial Returns to Expect from Equity Crowdfunding

With the high risk of failure in equity crowdfunding, what are the returns that investors can expect? We will use historical data from Angels and VCs and current results to start to assess potential investment returns.

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