WeFunder Review and Platform Walkthrough (VIDEO)

For our first equity crowdfunding site comparison and review, we will be looking at the #1 funding portal in terms of capital raised. WeFunder has been around since 2011, and has evolved to become a leading Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) funding portal for non-accredited investors, while still having strong support from accredited investors, too.

As we head into 2020, WeFunder is one of the top crowdfunding sites for capital raised and deal flow.

WeFunder – Crowdfunding Site Review and Overview

WeFunder – Website Demo and Walkthrough

WeFunder – Equity Crowdfunding Site Highlights

WeFunder Review – 2019 Pros and Cons

  • Pros
    • Deal flow: largest investor base and the most capital raised attracts more startups
    • Transparency: the only results page among all funding portals
    • Don’t sell out as fast: Reg D platform allows side-by-side raises, so popular Reg CF campaigns don’t sell out as fast
    • Early-bird bonuses: most campaigns have some level of bonus for investing early
  • Cons
    • Navigation and menus can take a little time to get familiar with
  • Neutral
    • No extra due diligence or deal curation
  • Unique
    • Many YC Alumni Companies

WeFunder Overview – 2019 Statistics

Here is an overview of the key platform statistics for WeFunder, as of December 2019.

Number of Investors316,000+
Deal Flow (Number of Deals – 2019)103
Deal Flow (Capital Raised in 2019)$27.4 million
Due Diligence / Deal CurationNo
Investor Fees3.5%, $8 min, $75 max
Issuer FeesUp to 7.5% of amount raised (price-match)
Unique IncentivesEarly-Bird Discounts
Secondary Market?No
Invest with Credit Card?Yes

Personal Opinion on WeFunder

Personally, WeFunder is one of the four websites that I currently invest on (WeFunder, StartEngine, Republic, and Netcapital). It is roughly tied for me in terms of being one of the two funding portals that I have made the most investments on.

I like WeFunder and would recommend it as one of the places to start for new investors for several reasons.

First, being the largest equity crowdfunding site has its advantages. Startups will naturally follow the money, so it is possible that more, higher-quality startups are raising on WeFunder because they know that investors have committed more money on WeFunder than anywhere else.

Second, WeFunder is mission-driven. Their team is dedicated to the democratization of capital (as are most of the portals).

Lastly, I feel that WeFunder’s transparency (in terms of investment results) and experience (around since 2011) show that they really care and they know what they are doing.

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