Risks of Equity Crowdfund Investing – Part 1

In Part 1 of understanding risks in equity crowdfund investing, we will learn about risk-reward tradeoffs and dive into the human psychology that impacts our investment decisions.

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hourglass equity crowdfund screening time

How Much Time to Spend on Due Diligence

Today, we look to provide some perspective on the question “how much time should I spend on due diligence for equity crowdfunding?” We analyze historical data from Angels and VCs, and pose questions that every investor should ask.

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Monte Carlo Analysis of WeFunder Results – Q4-2018

Interested in some actual analysis of real equity crowdfunding data to date? We constructed a Monte Carlo Simulation to run over 140,000 investment scenarios based on the Q4-2018 WeFunder Reg D results. We’ll dive into the results and potential implications in terms of portfolio size and expected returns in today’s post.

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What Financial Returns to Expect from Equity Crowdfunding

With the high risk of failure in equity crowdfunding, what are the returns that investors can expect? We will use historical data from Angels and VCs and current results to start to assess potential investment returns.

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Power Law Investing in Crowdfunding

Power laws govern not only financial returns but many other things in life. Learn what power law investing is and how to leverage it for your investments.

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Equity Crowdfunding Terminology

Jumping into the equity crowdfunding world can be scary for new investors. In today’s post, we provide an overview of the most common terms to help you get started investing in startups.

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Determining Allocation and Check Size in Equity Crowdfunding

Before you make your first investment in equity crowdfunding, it is vital to plan how much you will invest total in early-stage companies, and how much you will invest in each deal. Today, we will provide some guidance and examples to help you plan your equity crowdfunding portfolio.

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Turkey Problem Investing

Four Lessons Investors can Learn from Turkeys

On this Thanksgiving day, what can turkeys teach us about investing? Quite a lot, as we will find out. Check out this special holiday post to learn about “the turkey problem” and how to ensure that you aren’t acting like a turkey with your investments.

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Checking for Investor, Founder, and Deal Alignment in Equity Crowdfunding

Alignment of objectives and having a clear vision are two keys to success on any team, and investing in startups is no different. Today, we cover our 3-step method to ensure that the investor, founder, and deal are all aligned.

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Part 5 – How to Start Investing in Equity Crowdfunding

Part 5 – with the basics of equity crowdfunding under your belt, we provide the essential resources for getting started in today’s post, including: where to invest, online resources, investment books, and much more.

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