WeFunder Review 2019

WeFunder Review and Platform Walkthrough (VIDEO)

A complete review of the WeFunder platform for investors and startups. Compare fees, deal flow, and more, including an in-depth website walkthrough.

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What are Direct Public Offerings (DPOs)?

Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) are when an issuing company sells financial securities directly to investors, vs. using a third party or intermediary. We discuss the different types of DPOs and clarify terminology to help investors and startup founders better understand what a DPO is.

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Zero to One by Peter Thiel – Book Summary

Peter Thiel, famed investor and founder, shares his personal lessons and thoughts on startups. This is a must-read for both startup founders and investors.

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State Tax Credits for Startup Investors and Angels

While there are numerous federal tax credits for startup investors, additional tax benefits may exist at the state level for qualifying angel investors.

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Top Equity Crowdfunding Sites – Comparison for Startup Founders (Q4-2019)

Are you the founder of a startup looking to raise capital? How do you choose the best website for your crowdfunding campaign? We compare the top 8 Reg CF intermediaries in terms of fees, investors, discounts, due diligence, and more.

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Intrastate Crowdfunding and Blue Sky Laws

What is Intrastate Crowdfunding and what are Blue Sky Laws? We compare them to Regulation Crowdfunding and break down the pros and cons for investors and founders.

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Deal Valuations by Funding Portal – October 2019

What are the typical valuations for Reg CF startups? Check out valuation data on the top four funding portals (WeFunder, StartEngine, Republic, and Seedinvest), as well as how it compares to angel investing valuations.

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Top 7 Methods for Valuing Startups – Valuation (Part 2)

What are the top seven methods for valuing early-stage startups? In Valuation Part 2, we cover what those seven methods are as well as some pros and cons of each.

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Valuation of Early-Stage Startups – Does it Matter? (Part 1)

In Part 1, we cover what is valuation, why it is important (or is it?), the valuation optimization fallacy, and how to calculate common numbers such as pre-money vs. post-money and percentage ownership.

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Due Diligence 101 Building Header

Due Diligence 101 (Part 2) – The #1 Reason Why Startups Fail and How to Screen Deals

In part 2, we get into the #1 reason why startups fail, the 5T framework for early-stage crowdfunding deal screening, and how to get your free Crowdwise due diligence checklist.

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