Part 5 – How to Start Investing in Equity Crowdfunding

Part 5 – with the basics of equity crowdfunding under your belt, we provide the essential resources for getting started in today’s post, including: where to invest, online resources, investment books, and much more.

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Part 4 – Deal Types in Equity Crowdfunding

Part 4 – One of the most critical – yet often overlooked – portions of an equity crowdfunding investment is the type of deal and offering. The best type of offering (equity vs. debt) for certain investors will differ. Find out everything you need to know about different security offerings in today’s post.

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Part 3 – What Type of Company Should You Invest In?

Part 3 – Equity Crowdfunding allows companies from many diverse backgrounds to raise funds online. But not all companies make good financial investments. Find out today what the different types of companies are and which ones you should be investing in.

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Part 2 – Why Should I Invest in Equity Crowdfunding?

In Part 2 of this introductory series, we cover the primary reasons why you should consider investing in equity crowdfunding. The four investor personalities are the Shaper, the Capitalist, the Pupil, and the Adventurer. Check out today’s post to find out what your primary investing motive is.

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Part 1 – What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding 101 for Investors, Part 1 – What is Equity Crowdfunding? In the first of this five-part series, find out what equity crowdfunding is and why you should learn more about this exciting, new investment opportunity.

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